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Ani Anderson and her husband Brian are a dynamic husband and wife team that help people get the success they really want – easily – by learning natural law and bodymind energetics. As practicing rehabilitation therapists and students of eastern healing practices for over two decades, Ani and Brian hold advanced certifications in both Western and Eastern healing arts.  Committed to teaching at the highest levels, these “Practical Alchemists”‘ are known for their remarkable Rapid Release program that eliminates blocks to success and prosperity and the Find Your Soul’s Agenda Process that teaches people how to find their unique compass for navigating any life dilemma. Ani and Brian live in the beautiful Lake Champlain Region of Upstate NY with their amazing blended family.




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“Ani is a true gift! She connects our inner world to match with our outer world. Our sessions together were magnificently powerful and transformational on all levels of existence. I honestly have come into my own power with tremendous love, understanding, and acceptance of who I am, where I’m going and how to fully take physical steps for my practice to thrive and grow as it’s meant to be. Ani gave me strength along with all the business skills to really help me create and manifest my heart’s work. She is an Angel on earth. I’m so grateful she is using her gifts to help facilitate others in their work.”

-Lucia Voorhies, Owner – Ancient Roots Massage & Wellness

“If you have been looking for a Life Coach, Ani Anderson is the woman you have been looking for. She Walks her Talk and comes from the most bold yet gentle heart center place when holding space for you to make big changes in your life!”

-Nicole Mastroianni, Owner – Magical Dreamers

“I have dealt with a lot of personal negativity and insecurity for very many years. After just one hour with Ani, I was crying in excitement of realizing I did have the answers. The best thing she taught me was I do know what to do, and I’m doing it. Just knowing I have the answers and the positivity inside has made all the difference in the way I approach life every day! Ani is incredible, and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs to figure things out in life, relationships, and self-love.”

-Brooke Hughes

“Anyone who gets to work with Ani is truly blessed.”

– Heather Fowler

“After thirty years of living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, with numerous doctors, therapists and prescription meds, the only thing that has significantly changed my life has been working with Ani to eliminate the pain. Physical and emotional pain no longer control my life. I control my life!”

-Korri Fleming

“I am definitely living the dream, and it’s all because of Ani.”

-Kye Turner

“Ani has helped me in ways I have only dreamed and read about.”

-Susan Davis

“I am almost 50 yrs old and I have spent my whole life being fearful of social interaction.  I was afraid of doing or saying something ‘bad’, afraid that people would be angry with me or be offended or they wouldn’t like me or love me anymore if I said something ‘wrong’  so I said what I thought they would agree with to the point where I really didn’t know my true self and found human interaction quite stressful so I isolated myself as much as possible.  I had a breakthrough during my second session with Ani that freed me of my fears, I really can’t believe that this could happen so quickly after all of these years of suffering! But it did and my life is so much easier and joyful, I feel truly blessed.”

-Karen Waters, Owner – Nourishing Touch Massage

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