Heaven on Earth

Spiritual people can get really stuck. If you are a spiritual person looking for Heaven on Earth, check out today’s Manifestation Tip and see what you might be... read more

Having Clear Expectations

  We MUST have clear expectations before we can manifest what we want in our lives. I relate this concept to nature to help you maintain your focus so you don’t stray from your... read more

Quick Fix for Stiff Neck

Stiff neck? Tight shoulders? Tired eyes? Try this… especially good after you've spent a while on the computer. Place one hand on your back, the other in front of your heart. Then, leading with the eyes, turn your head. Switch and go the other way. Nice and... read more

Energy Reserves

Feeling depleted in energy, money or time? Stimulate your kidneys. The kidneys are energy reserves and by stimulating them you will not only feel a boost, you will begin to embody having better reserves. #practicalalchemist #manifestation #embodysuccess A post shared... read more

Bright Eyes

Wake up! Massage this point called "Bright Eyes" (bladder 1 acupressure point) to gain clarity and revive not only tired eyes but a sluggish vision. If you have difficulty visualizing yourself in your excellence, massage the Bight Eyes point often!... read more

9 Beautiful Ways to Love Your Son

I don’t understand boys. At least once a week my boys, 8 and 11 years old, get themselves into some mischief that never in a million years would have occurred to me. They would be making water balloons in the house, sledding over a rock wall, roller-skating through... read more

9 Beautiful Ways to Love Your Husband

I know a lot about husbands, I’ve had two of them. That wasn’t the plan of course, but as life would have it, that’s how it worked out. Interestingly enough, a few months after moving out of my home with my first husband and into the home of my (someday) second, I... read more

9 Beautiful Ways to Love Your Daughter

The moment she was born, a switch went off inside of me that turned me into a different person–I was a mother. And somehow the things I wanted for myself melted into the background and didn’t seem to matter much anymore. My life became hers and it seemed... read more

How To Make the Holidays Feel Sacred

Did you notice the sacred? This time of year my inbox is flooded with emails urging people to make the holidays feel more sacred. What if life were already sacred and you just didn’t notice? What does the word sacred mean, anyway? My definition of sacred has an... read more

9 Ways to Love Someone Else’s Child

Ask yourself better questions and get the relationship you want. I have never been a kid person. In fact, a few times in my life I have been coerced into teaching dance classes for children and I could not stand it. Why? I simply don’t like to be around other people’s... read more

Not so grateful?

In the past I’ve had a hard time during the cloudy, dark, November time of year… and although I tried to feel grateful, sometimes it was hard. This Thanksgiving I would love to give you a tip if you are feeling less than bursting with gratitude so that you... read more

Don’t give away your power

Have you ever felt like you don’t know the answers? An interesting thing happened when I was having a discussion with a client and she thought that I knew the answer to her problem. Check out the story in this weeks video…  if you’ve ever felt... read more

Neutral is awesome

Would you like to start feeling good more often? Stop trying to be happy and fall in love with neutral. 🙂 What?! Watch the video and find out why. In... read more

Claim Your Light

Do you feel like you are here for a greater purpose in the world but you are not sure what it is? This week’s newsletter will give you a big clue! In Joy! Comments comments Save... read more

Be like a leaf…

Autumn inspires a conversation about being like the trees and letting go of what we no longer need in our lives. What do you want to let go of this fall? A lot of people want to let go of “internal” issues like self doubt or lack of confidence. But how do... read more

Button Pushers

Do you wish people would stop pushing your buttons? In this week’s video I’ll tell you how to begin to turn those relationships around so they don’t weigh you down. In Joy! Comments... read more

Stop Worrying!

Worry depletes your energy and takes you off track from doing the things you were meant to do in this world. But how do you stop it?! In this video I’ll tell you how to stop worrying so you can be more productive in everything you do. In Joy! Comments comments... read more

Get More Support

Do you want more support in your relationships? Do you have a relationship, maybe with a spouse, parent or co-worker that you wish was more supportive? In this week’s newsletter I’ll tell you how you can gain more support so you can really enjoy the... read more

Be Productive

One of the best ways to feel “Light” is to feel on purpose and productive. When we don’t feel productive it can feel heavy and weigh us down. So today I want to share one of my top tips to be more productive every day. To be more productive, get in your body EVERYday.... read more

Live in the Light? What does that mean?

What does it mean to live in your Light? We know what it feels like when life is heavy… but what does it mean to live in our Light? Living in your Light means living in the Truth of who you really are. It means living in your joy, being in love with life and... read more

It’s OK to want more money!

Does money weigh you down? Have you ever been up late at night worrying about money? Do you make decisions based on whether you have enough money instead of being able to do what you want, when you want, with the people you want? If so… today we’re going... read more

The Key to Confidence

Women tell me that they wish they were living their dreams… and they think if they had more confidence they would be able to go out and make their dreams a reality. What is the key to confidence?

read more

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, like any holiday, has the capacity to leave us feeling like something is missing from life. Whether we don’t feel like we are the best mom we can be to our kids or we feel like our relationship with our mom is less than ideal…... read more


My second job out of college was in a nursing home. I was the Occupational Therapist on staff and I shared an office with the Physical Therapist and her assistant, who also happened to be the head of the department. Yes, someone made the assistant the department head,... read more

Break Free

“Humans are dreaming (living in a world of illusion) all the time. Before we were born the humans before us created a big outside dream that we will call society’s dream or the dream of the planet.” Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements Here are some real life... read more

Afraid to Shine

I was so excited to be in the community newspaper! I was 9 years old and had just landed the part of understudy to the lead of a new Broadway musical. The newspaper had come to my house to interview me and take pictures a few day before. Today was the day I would get... read more


Have you ever read a spiritual book and wondered how exactly to bring its wisdom into your own life? Have you wondered how to actually live the teachings so you can experience life in the way the author describes? Boy, I have… but that is a blog for another day!... read more

Dying to Love

According the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases and stroke cause 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. Why hearts? Why is heart disease our nations number one killer? It could be too many bacon cheese... read more

Queen of the Realm

“I’m so frustrated!” My client had just attended a weekend workshop about how to consciously parent boys. As the mother of an emerging young man, and an incredibly dedicated parent, she often struggled with whether she was a “good mom”. But after taking... read more

I Quit

The second week on the job out of college I knew I didn’t like my chosen profession. Worse, for me, I was very good at it either.

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I teach people to reach for their dreams and talk about the importance of getting clear about what you really want and then going for it. Yeah… well… I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve always wanted to be a NY Times best-selling author. I... read more